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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

sound and the theatrical landscape

Sound is emotion in theatrical terms.

We react to the sound of a word before we understand its logic. There's a little lag time. The sound makes us jump, or sweat, or reel. That's why we love the big show-stopper. Listen to it build. just listen.

I had an epiphany about sound while watching a staged reading of a play. There were no props and very little tech. At one point a character turned around with a "gun" (his pointed finger) and he hollered "BANG!"

We all jumped. The other character died. It was theatrically truthful and real.

In fact, it was better that way than if a "real" prop gun had been fired.

It worked. It got to us. We believed it.

Sound is something to study and become better attuned to.

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