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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Museum of Theater

You go to New York, right? You take in the Museum of Art, or the Museum of Natural History, or the Museum of Science. At night you go to Broadway, the Museum of Theater.

Broadway is always taking knocks for not being fresh, not being inovative, playing to the lowest common denominator. Here's the reality, bub. Broadway is not fresh, it is not the innovator, and it hasn't been for a long time. You go to a Broadway show, you pay around a hundred bucks for that show, you're going for the bells and whistles, for the stars, for the glamour. You're not going to be challenged, to engage with a concept. You're going for the ride.

And it's cool to have a dependable place to visit to see the glitz and the hype and all the stops pulled out. Take that experience home with you, remember it, and let it inform the art you'll make on your own.

How can it be simpler but more meaningful? How can you make that happen with shoestrings and glue? Where is the truthful theater?

You make truthful, raw, real, innovative, affordable, challenging theater happen. Understand Broadway for what it is. It's not the benchmark, it's not the goal. It's a moneymaking diversion, a pretty pit stop on the way to real art. Borrow from it, learn from it, keep an eye on it, enjoy it. Remain mindful of what it is --- a pleasant, safe, pretty museum.

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