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Saturday, September 10, 2005

ACA Diary -- 1st Bake-Off

So -- here at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida. At last the sun is out. Seems Ophelia has moved to the Northeast a bit. We got slogged with rain the past week. I'm sure there will be masses of mosquitos in the dys to come to dodge and spray against.

It's Saturday. Yesterday we decided on the perameters of the 48-hour-bake-off -- where we write a play (however long it gets) in 48 hours. We'll reconvene on Tuesday after lunch and read them outloud to each other.

The subject: The Minotaur/Icarus/Labyrinth myth.

Some of the rules:
There must be a preminission
A brief flight
A day of rain
A day of sun
A scene in an enclosed, small space

and 48 hours to write. If you're midsentence at hour 48, you stop. You do not rewrite. Once it is down, it stays. The moment you start writing -- even notes -- is the moment the clock starts.

I'm noodling around the idea this morning -- and will start by this evening. First I think I'll take a little time in the sun...

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