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Sunday, September 18, 2005

ACA Diary -- 2nd Bake-off

So -- this is our second weekend here, therefore it is our second Bake-Off. That's the 48 hour play, for those who weren't paying attention.

This week's rules:

Had to be about a flood.
We had to see a street before the flood
the same street during the flood
and that street after the waters have gone.

Wait, wait, there's more...

Somewhere in the play there had to be
a dog
a cop committing suicide
a dead man sitting
and the line "ice in my whiskey"


the protagonist had to have a shopping cart.


I finished my play a few hours ago -- then I took a nap.

The Atlantic Center for the Arts @ New Smyrna Beach has been sunny skies and warm all week -- with a few spectacular days and a few down-right HOT AND HUMID days mixed in.

This week with Paula Vogel -- who is too freakin cool -- btw -- we worked on concepts of plasticity (probably I spelled it wrong -- oh well) -- that being all of the elements of the play that are not spoken. This includes how the playwright uses the text on the page to convey mood and meaning.

so that's it for now -- later this week we'll be viviting a psychic commuity about 30 minutes west from here.

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