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Thursday, September 22, 2005

ACA Diary - 3rd Bake-off (the mini)

Today we begin the mini-Bake-off -- a 24 hour project. Tomorrow morning at 9:30 am we will read the plays, with any composers and visual artists who are interested in listening and possibly collaborating on a piece, invited to attend.

The rules for this mini-B-O:

3 letters or postcards--
one from the writer who is away
one from the person who receives the letter from the person away
one message from a person who has passed

(yesterday we took a field trip to Cassadaga -- a Spiritualist Community - the oldest in the south -- here in florida. A few of us had readings done while we there. It was quite fantastic, and this is the "from beyond" element in this week's work inspiration.)

There has to be a big bug -- maybe a smashed bug
Seasons must be present in the text or plasticity
A picture of an aura or aura image or aura camera

10 pages or less.

I am trying to have the text of a letter that my mother wrote to me before I was born about the assination of JFK. If I can get the text I will organize my play around it. If not, I may make up the language of the letter, or just go an entirely different way.

On the field trip to Cassadaga I had a reading done by a medium named Victor. Victor and I totally clicked. His reading was amazing and deeply revealing for me. I hope to include some of that experience in my peice as well. Amazing, amazing.

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