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Monday, September 19, 2005

ACA Diary - a day away

Soooooooooooooooooo--- I finished my play early (because I started early); so today I had the whole day free. I rented a car and took off down the coast with one of the other associate artists and we checked out Kennedy Space Center. What a fantastic day.

After having spent a few days at Universal Studios earlier this month, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the KSC did not have a floom ride.

We started off our visit by checking out the 3-D IMAX feature about the international space station and astronauts working in space. It was the right move. The 3-D was great, and seeing those folks work in space was so cool. Those people LOVE their work, that's for sure.

After that we toured the museum -- saw things like a Gemini capsual, a Mercury capsual, the differnt space suits, including an Apollo suit.

We took a bus across the grounds and viewed the vehicle assembly building, a little piece of the space shuttle landing strip, could look across Bananna River and see two launching pads, and ran around the Saturn Center. On the ceiling was a real Saturn rocket -- split apart in stages with boosters and couplings and you name it. It was so huge.

We walked around the Rocket Garden, and crawled inside some of the displays that show how small the moduals really were. Because we went on a Monday and it's September, there were no lines and we could just roam around and really enjoy the place.

I bought a hat wrapped up with a shirt. What a bargain... and some post cards that i must fill out tonight and get in the mail to my nephews.

Tomorrow we will be reading our plays in a marathon session.

One of the playwrights might be leaving early. We'll know more tomorrow.

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