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Saturday, September 24, 2005

ACA Diary: fin

Today is the final day of our stay here at ACA. Tonight we're holding a public showing of work -- officially called the "InReach or OutReack or InOut Reach" or something like that. We associate artists are calling it The Talent Show.

One of the short pieces I put together during the residency will be performed as a concert reading. Several people from the class as well as two of the staff members from ACA will read the roles. It is a 5 page play called "The Work" about a proposal in paint.

EArlier today the playwrights met for one last time. We talked about the boot camp and the ACA.

Last night we held a late-night poker game. We used paper clips as chips - $0.10 per clip. You had to buy into the game with $5. I went home with $8.50 in pocket, so that weren't too bad at all...

My bags are packed up, and I've been sorting thru which papers I really need to bring home -- I have to keep the weight under 50 lbs -- and it was 45 lbs on the way here -- now I've got some Kennedy Space Center stuff, a Sponge Bob Square Pants that i won at Universal Studios, and a bunch of plays stuffed into my bag. I'm leaving things like shampoo and sun block here -- anything that I can in order to get the essentials -- like plays, research and new t-shirts home.

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