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Friday, September 23, 2005

ACA Diary: Next to last day

This morning we got together at 9:30 am to read our mini-bake-off pieces. All of the other associate and master artists were invited to attend, and about half of them did.

It was pretty difficult for me to create a piece without having a full day and a good sleep to really process the task and think about it, but I came up with something and so did just about everybody else. The works were so varied and raw. It was pretty amazing.

The other artists have been talking about it with me most of the day ever since. The works seem to have had a great effect on them. That's cool. One of the pieces was presented as an intstallation posted on the walls and mirrors of the dance studio (across from our writers' studio). It was such an interesting piece with a lot of emotional resonence. We wakked from scrap to srap and read assigned pieces to create the whole. The most moving part for me was a passage written on a map of Florida. It was about searching and loss. It will stay with for as long time. I tried to talk the playwright into letting me have the map, but she's going to keep, so maybe I'll be able to get a color copy made before we go. I'd like to keep a copy of it in my office at home where i work. I believe it would inspire me.

One of the visual artists let me take a painting she had made of some oyster shells. She used it as source material for her digital imagry, but was not going to keep the original. I think it's beautiful, so she signed it and now it's in a tube ready to take on to the plane with me on Sunday.

The reat of the day has been -- well -- rest. I'm tired, and my allergies have kicked in -- there's a lot mold because of all of the rain.

Tomorrow there will be a public presentation of some of the work. I'll have a piece in called "The Work" and several of the associate artists and a couple of the ACA staff will be performing in the reading of it.

This afternoon i have spent most of the day in the library. It's a very inviting space, and I enjoy working in here. I made some notes about other artist residencies and colonies to research later. i also read some Lorca.

The sun has come out -- finally. Still steamy. At least there was no hurricane making landfall here. I hope the folks in the path of Hurricane Rita have taken to high ground and that they will get thru it all right.

I am looking forward to getting home on Sunday.

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