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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Playwright Diary: Bullfighting

Went to the library yesterday and check out several books on bullfighting. I've purchased several on e-bay as well -- they were going cheap -- so i bid. Two are still due to arrive.

It's difficult finding new books about bullfighting. The best seem to be vintage works. It is not such a popular activity in the US. I can understand why...but the more I find out about it, the more compelling it is to me.

I'm working on one of the plays that I wrote during the ACA retreat with Paula Vogel. The minotaur play. Mine features a matador, a woman, named Miura. I am starting to learn what bits of the play actually mean, and I'm checking to see what things I got right, and which may need modification. I only had time to research for a day, and all of my information had come from the internet, as there was nothing in the ACA library specifically about bullfighting, save a handful of references in a collection of Lorca's poetry.

Next, i will learn a bit more about the myth itself. I think my play needs a stronger tie to the events of the myth, the labyrinth, the slaughter... that sort of thing.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The plays of Octavio Solis

Paula Vogel told me to read the plays of Octavio Solis. I googled, but he's not in print. I did find an e-mail though, so i queried him. know what? He sent me 4 plays. Know what else? My printer ran out of ink, so they're still on my hard drive. I picked up some ink cartridges a few hours ago. in the morning I'll print the plays and read the work of Octavio Solis.

Pretty cool, huh?

Monday, October 17, 2005

New Girl Diary: Fin


Loaded out.

2 shows on Sunday. More people showed up than we thought would. (what were we thinking with 2 shows on Sunday?)


This week was much better attended, and the show was tighter and leaner and keener, so there you go.

Next Sunday
cast paaaahteeeee...!

woo hoo.

Put all of my stuff back in my basement (which did not flood)


woo hoo.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Girl Diary: Finding the pace

The cast of THE NEW GIRL has really found its pace and tempo. We came back on Thursday night and wowed the audience.

The audience is also growing. This past thursday's group was as plentiful as the best night last weekend, and 3 times more responsive. Some of this is due to the improved pace of the show.

Things are tighter, and the cast is feeling confident enough to play within the work. they understand how both the play and themselves as the performers of the play can work off one another.

the scene transitions have been tightened up considerably as well. the pace of transitions was bogged down by numerous costume changes. these have been streamilines to essentials only, and the difference is profound. Transitions can either liberate or kill your play. last week the slow transitions were "killing the funny". This week the musch faster transitions are making the whole production bouyent.

It is so cool to listen to the changes from my space inthe backstage.

in spite of flooding rains, people have been showing up to see it thanks to strong word-of-mouth, and now the show is even better.

Friday, October 07, 2005

New Girl Production Diary: Fire Marshalled

Yesterday was opening night for THE NEW GIRL. Yesterday afternoon the fire marshall showed up and made a list of things that had to be addressed/changed or we could not run the show.

These last minute items included building and installing a railing for a set of stairs leading out of the theater, removing some oily rags and paint (we have know idea who put oily rags and combustables behind the seats in the back of theater, but we were happy to remove them), and to enlist 4 extra people to serve as ushers guarding each exit door with a flashlight. That was actually the toughest. Some of the nights it might mean pulling one of the stage crew off the crew and into the aisles.

All this was handed down just hours before curtain.

The town is also sending a fireman each night to sit in the theater. Last night the guy was really nice and seemed to like the show. It's also good that we don't have to pay for the fireman. because we don't have that in our budget.

Such is the weirdness of doing theatre. We'll try not to set fire to anything...and after this there will not be any other programs of any sort in the space. Had the fire marshall inspected the site a week earlier, he would have shut us down, so in a way, we're lucky that the show is being allowed to go up at all.

The actors were great and the audience enjoyed it. So there.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Girl Production Diary: Circuts

This evening Jim turned the lights on for the show -- and whammo -- blew the breakers. This theater is in a sevre power shortage. An electrician had to be called. We're going to be running power in from the hallway.


Tomorrow I'll see what happens when we hook up th sound equipment.


Actors are looking good, though. Long as we can light 'em, eh?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Girl Production Diary: Curtains

Last week the curtains in the theater at Avery Point ripped apart fom their own weight do to dry rot. This has changed our plan for creating the back stage area. We're have to russle up some flats. I'll have to do some black touch ups, and we don't quite have enough to go span the entire backstage.

I'll try rigging some cloth to fill the gaps -- or try to locate some additional flats. The problem with additional flats will be transporting them. I will have to rely on a thrid party to deliver them to the theater and to return them at the shows end.

Tonight we'll be rehearsing and I'll do some more clean-up. I didn't get over to the theater this morning as I'd hoped. I slept in. I'm still getting over last week's long travel, short sleep couple of days, plus i was out late last night catching MYSTERY OF EDEIN DROOD @ Trinity rep in Providence. I enjoyed the show, but it went until 11:00 --

I'm off to a poetry event soon, so I'll get to tonight's rehearsal a little late.

Tomorrow morning Jim will load in the lights and get that all set up. Monday night's rehearsal will be all about nailing down the lights and cleaning up entrances, exits, and changes, figuring the sound Q's -- things like that. I'll get the crew plan organized.

tuesday the crew will all be there and we'll see how my plan works.

whew-hoo! A lot of work to do...!