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Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Girl Diary: Finding the pace

The cast of THE NEW GIRL has really found its pace and tempo. We came back on Thursday night and wowed the audience.

The audience is also growing. This past thursday's group was as plentiful as the best night last weekend, and 3 times more responsive. Some of this is due to the improved pace of the show.

Things are tighter, and the cast is feeling confident enough to play within the work. they understand how both the play and themselves as the performers of the play can work off one another.

the scene transitions have been tightened up considerably as well. the pace of transitions was bogged down by numerous costume changes. these have been streamilines to essentials only, and the difference is profound. Transitions can either liberate or kill your play. last week the slow transitions were "killing the funny". This week the musch faster transitions are making the whole production bouyent.

It is so cool to listen to the changes from my space inthe backstage.

in spite of flooding rains, people have been showing up to see it thanks to strong word-of-mouth, and now the show is even better.

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