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Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Girl Production Diary: Curtains

Last week the curtains in the theater at Avery Point ripped apart fom their own weight do to dry rot. This has changed our plan for creating the back stage area. We're have to russle up some flats. I'll have to do some black touch ups, and we don't quite have enough to go span the entire backstage.

I'll try rigging some cloth to fill the gaps -- or try to locate some additional flats. The problem with additional flats will be transporting them. I will have to rely on a thrid party to deliver them to the theater and to return them at the shows end.

Tonight we'll be rehearsing and I'll do some more clean-up. I didn't get over to the theater this morning as I'd hoped. I slept in. I'm still getting over last week's long travel, short sleep couple of days, plus i was out late last night catching MYSTERY OF EDEIN DROOD @ Trinity rep in Providence. I enjoyed the show, but it went until 11:00 --

I'm off to a poetry event soon, so I'll get to tonight's rehearsal a little late.

Tomorrow morning Jim will load in the lights and get that all set up. Monday night's rehearsal will be all about nailing down the lights and cleaning up entrances, exits, and changes, figuring the sound Q's -- things like that. I'll get the crew plan organized.

tuesday the crew will all be there and we'll see how my plan works.

whew-hoo! A lot of work to do...!

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