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Friday, October 07, 2005

New Girl Production Diary: Fire Marshalled

Yesterday was opening night for THE NEW GIRL. Yesterday afternoon the fire marshall showed up and made a list of things that had to be addressed/changed or we could not run the show.

These last minute items included building and installing a railing for a set of stairs leading out of the theater, removing some oily rags and paint (we have know idea who put oily rags and combustables behind the seats in the back of theater, but we were happy to remove them), and to enlist 4 extra people to serve as ushers guarding each exit door with a flashlight. That was actually the toughest. Some of the nights it might mean pulling one of the stage crew off the crew and into the aisles.

All this was handed down just hours before curtain.

The town is also sending a fireman each night to sit in the theater. Last night the guy was really nice and seemed to like the show. It's also good that we don't have to pay for the fireman. because we don't have that in our budget.

Such is the weirdness of doing theatre. We'll try not to set fire to anything...and after this there will not be any other programs of any sort in the space. Had the fire marshall inspected the site a week earlier, he would have shut us down, so in a way, we're lucky that the show is being allowed to go up at all.

The actors were great and the audience enjoyed it. So there.

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