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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Playwright Diary: Bullfighting

Went to the library yesterday and check out several books on bullfighting. I've purchased several on e-bay as well -- they were going cheap -- so i bid. Two are still due to arrive.

It's difficult finding new books about bullfighting. The best seem to be vintage works. It is not such a popular activity in the US. I can understand why...but the more I find out about it, the more compelling it is to me.

I'm working on one of the plays that I wrote during the ACA retreat with Paula Vogel. The minotaur play. Mine features a matador, a woman, named Miura. I am starting to learn what bits of the play actually mean, and I'm checking to see what things I got right, and which may need modification. I only had time to research for a day, and all of my information had come from the internet, as there was nothing in the ACA library specifically about bullfighting, save a handful of references in a collection of Lorca's poetry.

Next, i will learn a bit more about the myth itself. I think my play needs a stronger tie to the events of the myth, the labyrinth, the slaughter... that sort of thing.

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