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Friday, November 25, 2005

MINOTAURS. TOREROS. Diary: Why this play now?

Met with Jen Swain today about the play and our submisiion package for STL. She is a wonderful dramaturg, and credits Oscar Eustis with teaching her well at the Trinity rep Conservatory for that.

We got down to some of the bones of the play. The best question she asked was, "Why this play right now?" She went on to say that this is a question she asks herself about any play she considers directing. How is this play of the moment? Why should we do it now? How does it lend itself to the present?

What a cool way to think about it.

The answer to that question will take some more noodling on my part -- but it has to do with the Minotaur -- aren't we all like the Minotaur -- at least a little? How do we deal with our Minotaur nature? And how is the Minotaur something mostly human? Why do we struggle so hard to kill it rather than understand it?

Something like that, anyway.

More to think about -- and a deadline to meet in a few days!

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