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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reading-Up on women matadors

I'm working on a play that I wrote while at the ACA -- the first "bake-off" about the minotaur/labyrinth/icarus myth... the result of which was Minotaurs. Toreros.

I'm now in the middle of an investigation into the whole business of the Spanish Bullfight -- particularly how women matadors opperate. My play is centered on a woman matador named Miura. I took her name from a ranch that is famous for producing unpredictable and deadly bulls.

In fact, all of the characters names come from either bull fighting history or Lorca.

I'm also investigating the various aspects of the Greek myth of the Minotaur-- his death at the hands of Theseus; his birth by Pasiphae; and his betrayal by his half-sister Ariadne. I've learned that the Minotaur had a name -- Asterius -- although this is hardly ever mentioned.

So, I'm reading lots o' books that I've borrowed from the library or purchased on e-bay and am taking lots o' notes.

That's the word from my playwritig world at the moment.

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