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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Directors Project @ NTI last Saturday

Went to see Vanassa Soto's Director's Project at NTI last Saturday. She directed ny play -- girls. in boys pants. -- earlier this year at Vassar. This semester she is studying directing.

She put together a found text piece from the writings of Lorca IN SEARCH OF DUENDE.

A funeral procession brought us into the world of the play. Sombre and sincere, the scene eventually devolved into laughter, as the "corpse" could no longer contain himself. This "corpse" is of course Lorca himself, playing one of the games he was famous for, staging his own funeral processions. It was a marvelous way to bring us, the audience, into this world of Duende.

The coffin was turned on its side and became a lecturn, from which Lorca began his famous talk about Duende.

The cast of three women traded lines and roles with ease, creating a world where anything was possible, but the richest, most enduring pieces woule be dark, riddled with duende.

I did find myself at one point, wondering how this world would be altered by the incorporation of a male voice in the mix? The experiment did work, but in the future it could be deepened by the mixing of the male and the female sounds.

Still, a very effective work. I even got a bit of an idea for my Minotaur play... an evening well spent on all counts.

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