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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Current Reading -- Brockett/Findley

This was on Paula's reading list for us playwrights at the ACA -- and it turns out I had a copy that was given to me by David Jaffe at the O'Neill -- so I'm-a-reading it.

Actually, even though it's a text book, and I do find myself needing a nap after an hour or so -- it is fascinating stuff.

But --

-- before I realized that this book that Paula said to read was the SAME book as the one given to me by DBJ -- I looked it up at Amazon (and e-bay). My GOD! The price of textbooks is INSANE! Completely out of sinc with reality. WHAT A FRICKIN' RACKET the TEXTBOOK industry in AMERICA is! Sheesh.

I'm reading a used copy (spent about an hour erasing underlines passages yesterday -- pencil -- and today my dog made off with my eraser). Sheesh.

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