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Friday, March 17, 2006

Giveaway DIARY: Wrote it down

My buddy Bill recruited me to work with him in making a 3-5 minute short film for some 3-minute short film contest. Turns out Bill has been wanting to make one of these for a while now.

They give you the topic and then you have a week or so to make the film and get it to them. This time around they are giving an extra two weeks to complete the film, so they added a twist.

The topic or theme is "Reflection" and the twist is they want to see your local landscape or cityscape featured. Thius means that you've got to get outdoors.

i immediately thought of all of those murals painted on the sides of buildings in downtown NewLondon -- especially the whale mural that is deteriorating. We're gonna feature those.

The other day I wrote the screenplay. My first screenplay ever. I had to pull out a guidebook and review proper format. It's very different form plays. Also, I made it a bit direction heavy, because I'm going to be directing the piece and I wanted to be able to map out what I was thinking visually.

Wednesday Bill and I met and worked out the production plan. We'll be shooting next weekend -- some in my house and the rest around NewLondon and maybe a shot in groton. Now -- we just need the LEAD ACTOR!!

I've sent e-mails, and we're waiting to hear back about the locations we need.

That's the movie news for now.

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