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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Doug Williams Movie Guy

This is Doug Williams at the premier of his new collection of short films THINGS PEOPLE DON'T TALK ABOUT. Isn't he a cutie? Anyway...

The premier was held in Stonington at a wonderful 50 seat viewing studio last week. The invited audience was comprised of friends, family, and cast members.

Doug's movie really made the grade. Doug is 17 years old, but he carries himself like someone of far greater age. he is committed and focussed on becoming a better filmaker, and this was clear from the outset in the content and style of his film.

This collection was alternately funny, touching, serious, and moving.

Doug has gotten support from the community, both for acting talent and technical prowess. Sonalyst Studios leant a hand in this film's creation, as did many residents of the Stonington Boro, and Doug's high school program.

Kudo's to Doug and to all of the people who made the film possible. Mr. Williams is a talent to watch.

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