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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Minotaurs. Toreros. DIARY: Notes notes notes

Noodling this play like crazy this week. Gads!




What next? What next.

I dreamed about this play all last night. I've woken up thinking about it every morning this week. What to do? What to do.

I've been taking notes in order to make sense of the whole thing. What shoul replace the shadow puppet sequences (which were performed as place-holders rather than actual sequences. The portions that i had written to be inside the labyrinth were, for the most part, unstageable).

Meeting with people who had seen it and talking to them about their understanding of the play has been very helpful.

The play is swimming around in my head. I am thinking about it all the time, so I've got to write something about soon our I'll drown in it.

i feel like i'm on the cusp of some greater understanding. It's just that it's all a jumble right now. I'll have to put it into words to begin to make sense of it, I guess.

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