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Monday, July 10, 2006

Minotaurs. Toreros. DIARY: Rehearsing a week in

Eight days ago we bagan rehearsals for Minotaurs. Toreros. -- pool-side! We've been holding the rehearsals at the home of coproducer and actor Kate Downie. When the weather permits we rehearsa on the deck.

So far, it has been permitting.

We have had to make a fast cast change. Our original actor to play Romero hadd to bow out due to scheduling conflicts, so this past Friday Mark DeSouza stepped into the role. Mark had been enlisted to play flamenco guitar for the production, but when we turned up an actor short six days ago, Mark agreed to make his stage debut with us.

We've had our share of mix-ups and false starts with this workshop production, but the work at the rehearsals (now that we're finally getting them roling) is phenominal.

This week I have to make a reasonable "Suit of Lights" for our female matador. Yikes. More on that as the week progresses.

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