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Friday, July 14, 2006

Minotaurs. Toreros. DIARY: taking Saturday off -- kinda

Tomorrow, Saturday, we were going to hold a rehearsal during the day. But, taking a look at the weather (hot hot hot and humid) and the list of things still needed to be completed for the load-in to the gallery on Sunday, I decided to scratch rehearsal and work on my "things to do" list instead.

Tomorrow Kate and I will be working in my basement to put together the freakin (what were thinking) matador "suit of lights". Last night I got the sleeves lengthened (they were 3/4 sleeve), and i sewed the pockets shut. The coat I found (on clearence -- thank goodness) had to be modified. Now it needs trim and paint (I'm painting the intricate gold details because emroidering would take a month). No wonder the real deal Suit of Lights costs about $5,000 bucks a pop.

I should also receive the matador hat that I purchased over a week ago cheap on e-bay. It's supposed to be a real one (well, more real than the stupid cartoon types offered from the costume shops online.)

And i still ahve to make a minotaur head! Sheeesh.

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