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Friday, August 18, 2006

Rewrites. Rewrites. Roly-poly rewrites.

Working on rewrites.

Last week it was rewrites of A YANKEE TRADER, inspired in part by being asked by the LA director to work out the need for one of the technical elements that was causing some major headace and heartache. I reworked a scene where Patrick is playing the piano. i gave them two options. One that still began with the piano, but only had one sound q at the top of the scene. You see, the actor does not play piano, nor is there space enough for the instrument on the small stage, so they've been miming it with computer generated sound Qs. The coordination never came together on the lements. Plus, when the sound gets turned off, there is no resonance. The sound just stops. It was always a poor illussion.

I also wrote the scene without a piano at all, but a fine book of poetry instead. I'm not sure which version they decided to go with. My vote was for the poetry.

While i was inside the play, I decided to make some cuts and revisions. Some of the monologues needed curbing. I have a few more spots I think I'll trim this weekend. It was a little overwritten in spots. Too bad the company didn't have me come out several days earlier. I could have made these changes in advance of the opening.

Oh well.

This week I've been getting into MINOTAURS. TOREROS. Making some headway. I have a lot more work to do on that one.

And I'm making headway on a new script -- in note form. ARIADNE ON THE ISLAND might be popping out of my fingers soon.

We'll see.

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