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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Record response time

Just over a week ago I sent a query letter to a theater on the opposite side of America from me. I got a response already. They'd like to read the whole play. Whoa. Can you believe it? Two letters, crossing a continent, and a response in just about a week? Whoa. They play? Minotaurs. Toreros. The theater? A very good one. Keep your fingers crossed for the play, okay?

Monday, January 15, 2007


Erin Sousa-Stanley as Saint Margaret with Kate Downie as Joan in Joan's Voices @ The Spirit of Broadway Theater.

Watched edisode two of YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT last night. It was exciting because this was New York, and I knew my friend Erin Sousa-Stanley was going to be on -- somewhere -- who knows how much or when...?

As it turns out, not much at all.

We didn't even get a chance to see her sing, which is too bad, because she sings really well. I know that she got into the second round. I even know that a film crew came to her house and shot some footage. All for naught. The producers chose to focus more on the losers from NYC rather than the talented.

Oh well.

She did get a little face time at the very beginning, a brief voice clip about "The dream," and we saw her get a stage door hug.

She also got a really nice write-up in Saturday's New London Day newspaper, a well-deserved "The Buzz" feature. Erin's been doing a lot of work in theater all over Southeastern Connecticut. She keeps living the dream.

Got a letter

In the labyrinth of play production, there are occassional bright spots. One such ray of light came in the mail on Saturday. I got a letter telling me that my play Minotaurs. Toreros. has made it to the semi-final round of selection for a national play development project.

I'll keep my fingers crossed, but won't hold my breath.

Still, I am excited.

You keep your fingers crossed too, okay?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dublin Carol at Trinity Rep

William Petersen in Dublin Carol by Conor McPherson, directed by Amy Morton at Trinity Rep

This is a little late. The show just ended its run. It was sold out way in advance anyway. I saw it last month. Wow.

First, when I called Trinity Rep in November to change the night of my tickets for December (a good friend of mine was hosting a fun event) I learned that the show was alreay sold out, so exchanging would be a problem. On top of that, I had good seats. Really good seats. I decided to stick with what I had in hand and send my friend a good luck e-mail.

I'm glad I saw the show.

Being in Southeastern Connecticut, I have not often had the chance to see the work of Conor McPherson, so I was happy to see his name on the line-up at Trinity this season. Aso, I respect William Petersen as an actor and was eager to see what he could do in a theater. I was not dissapointed.

The set was eloquent and spare. I was sad to see the colored lights get rolled up and put away as the action of the play dictates. As promised by the title, there are three visitations. All of them reveal a little more about a life missed, or misled.

The thing that knocked my socks-off and has stayed with me was the monlogue delivered by John (Petersen) about managing a three-day bender, which is prefaced by a story about a woman who buys him drinks whom he calls a "whiskey angel" sent by God. The following monologue about how to keep the drunken state while minimizing the pain of a swollen and disabled liver was mesmorizing. McPherson proved that he is willing to reach into his own experience and turn it into something compelling that serves the world of his play.

The weakest component of the production was the preformance turned in by Rachael Warren, who seemed too old for the role, and whom many patrons near me had great trouble hearing. A number of people in the audience were dependent on having her mumblings reiterated by their respective spouses.

Danny Mefford, a member of the Brown/Trinity Consortium, turned in a fine performance, holding his own with the veteren Petersen, while trusting his character enough to let the language do the work. I look forward to seeing his work again.

I also look forward to becoming better acquainted with the work of Conor McPherson. He's a guy to sit down with, I think.

You're the One That I Want premiere ep last night

This was actually a pretty good show.

I liked that the 3 people running the audition, the producer, the director, and the surviving writer, were not trying to be all American Idol in how they spoke to the candidtaes. These guys sounded like people casting a show. In fact, I thought they showed more patience and retsraint than some regular auditioning panels Ive observed. Had this not bee for television I think that some of the people would have been dismissed before even opening their mouths (like that 55 year-old crazy-cat-lady who couldn't make eye contact.)

I was glad to see them give the dancing cup-cake a shot. You never know... three years from now that director may need just what that young woman has... and she'll know who to call.

I was surprised at how slim the talent pickings were in Chicago. Maybe it's just not a musical-theater town. Except for the ancient Danny guy (Dominique, I think) I dont think they had a man sent on to Grease-Boot-Camp or whatever it's called.

The one bright side is that the lack of Chicagoians means more room for New Yorkers.

Can't wait to see the NYC auditions next Sunday!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The American Theatre Wing

The American Theatre Wing

I am continually impressed by what the ATW Site has to offer, including podcasts of people working in all aspects of New York Theater, as well as scholarship information for students in NYC, and other theater-based resources. Check it out.

What you want?

You're the One That I Want

This could be interesting...

Premieres Sunday, January 7