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Monday, January 15, 2007


Erin Sousa-Stanley as Saint Margaret with Kate Downie as Joan in Joan's Voices @ The Spirit of Broadway Theater.

Watched edisode two of YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT last night. It was exciting because this was New York, and I knew my friend Erin Sousa-Stanley was going to be on -- somewhere -- who knows how much or when...?

As it turns out, not much at all.

We didn't even get a chance to see her sing, which is too bad, because she sings really well. I know that she got into the second round. I even know that a film crew came to her house and shot some footage. All for naught. The producers chose to focus more on the losers from NYC rather than the talented.

Oh well.

She did get a little face time at the very beginning, a brief voice clip about "The dream," and we saw her get a stage door hug.

She also got a really nice write-up in Saturday's New London Day newspaper, a well-deserved "The Buzz" feature. Erin's been doing a lot of work in theater all over Southeastern Connecticut. She keeps living the dream.

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