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Monday, January 08, 2007

Dublin Carol at Trinity Rep

William Petersen in Dublin Carol by Conor McPherson, directed by Amy Morton at Trinity Rep

This is a little late. The show just ended its run. It was sold out way in advance anyway. I saw it last month. Wow.

First, when I called Trinity Rep in November to change the night of my tickets for December (a good friend of mine was hosting a fun event) I learned that the show was alreay sold out, so exchanging would be a problem. On top of that, I had good seats. Really good seats. I decided to stick with what I had in hand and send my friend a good luck e-mail.

I'm glad I saw the show.

Being in Southeastern Connecticut, I have not often had the chance to see the work of Conor McPherson, so I was happy to see his name on the line-up at Trinity this season. Aso, I respect William Petersen as an actor and was eager to see what he could do in a theater. I was not dissapointed.

The set was eloquent and spare. I was sad to see the colored lights get rolled up and put away as the action of the play dictates. As promised by the title, there are three visitations. All of them reveal a little more about a life missed, or misled.

The thing that knocked my socks-off and has stayed with me was the monlogue delivered by John (Petersen) about managing a three-day bender, which is prefaced by a story about a woman who buys him drinks whom he calls a "whiskey angel" sent by God. The following monologue about how to keep the drunken state while minimizing the pain of a swollen and disabled liver was mesmorizing. McPherson proved that he is willing to reach into his own experience and turn it into something compelling that serves the world of his play.

The weakest component of the production was the preformance turned in by Rachael Warren, who seemed too old for the role, and whom many patrons near me had great trouble hearing. A number of people in the audience were dependent on having her mumblings reiterated by their respective spouses.

Danny Mefford, a member of the Brown/Trinity Consortium, turned in a fine performance, holding his own with the veteren Petersen, while trusting his character enough to let the language do the work. I look forward to seeing his work again.

I also look forward to becoming better acquainted with the work of Conor McPherson. He's a guy to sit down with, I think.

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Jeff Ircink said...

Hey - jeff ircink ("dino") from the playwright's noticeboard. thanks for your comments regarding my post ("cast size???")/

i understand you reside in CT. but do you have any prior professional experience with Trinity Rep? they're looking at one of my plays right now and i was curious about the company (aside from wht i could find out onlilne). any thoughts are appreciated. good luck with your own plays - seems like you're getting the word out and your plays are being performed.