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Monday, January 08, 2007

You're the One That I Want premiere ep last night

This was actually a pretty good show.

I liked that the 3 people running the audition, the producer, the director, and the surviving writer, were not trying to be all American Idol in how they spoke to the candidtaes. These guys sounded like people casting a show. In fact, I thought they showed more patience and retsraint than some regular auditioning panels Ive observed. Had this not bee for television I think that some of the people would have been dismissed before even opening their mouths (like that 55 year-old crazy-cat-lady who couldn't make eye contact.)

I was glad to see them give the dancing cup-cake a shot. You never know... three years from now that director may need just what that young woman has... and she'll know who to call.

I was surprised at how slim the talent pickings were in Chicago. Maybe it's just not a musical-theater town. Except for the ancient Danny guy (Dominique, I think) I dont think they had a man sent on to Grease-Boot-Camp or whatever it's called.

The one bright side is that the lack of Chicagoians means more room for New Yorkers.

Can't wait to see the NYC auditions next Sunday!

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