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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alice Wonders seeks collaborating artists for June 07

Photos from The Orpheus Project in 2006

Alice Wonders

June 16, 2007 @ 4 PM
@ The Dragons Egg

Ledyard, Connecticut

The 4th annual Midsummer Narrative Assemblage Event will be derived from Alice in Wonderland. Participants will gather @ 10 AM on June 16th to assemble the material and run-thru the staging.

Each artist creates their own piece, with or without others. On the performance day itself, we see what we see! The Egg may be available for rehearsal beforehand (please contact Marya for more info).

Past summers have explored text themes from Dante's Inferno, Faust, and the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Expressions have taken the form of sculpture, theatre, dance, belly dancing, dramatic reading, a labyrinth, a walk through a dark woods, dramatic movement, poetry, music, puppetry, amazing work, using all parts of the Egg and its environs.

This summer the theme will be - in an odd sort of keeping with the Underworld theme that has emerged these past few years: Alice in Wonderland. As you may recall, you use the text as your source of inspiration in the creation of a piece, be it dance, music, theatre, puppetry, sculpture, poetry, other.

Each piece, no matter the number of artists involved in it, is limited to 5 minutes! Be in touch with me about your ideas, and I shall try to link you to others who might like to collaborate in some way, if you like - in past years there have been a number of sections that involved artists who did not know each other beforehand, and the resulting work was wonderful, rich, delightful, challenging.

Contact Marya

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