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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Part of my course of study at Brown includes cognitive science. Why is a playwright studying cog-sci? To prove scientifically why theater is an essential part of a growing human brain.

An active theater has been a component of all great societal movements.

I intend to prove why -- with dazzling science.

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Edward O'Neill said...

Actually, cognitive science is just the newest version of transcendental philosophizing.

It's a way of saying, 'this is really true, because it's in the BRAIN.'

The old version was: 'this is true because this is the way KNOWLEDGE is (we know, cuz we done reflected on ourselves).'

It's just a justification. A way of grounding knowledge.

Anything other than take responsibility for it or allow it to be relative to contemporary standards and values!

We want everything to be relative--unless it's science, in which case it's true, true, TRUE.

--E. R. O'Neill