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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TheaterMakers Workshop @ O'Neill

This week (and maybe some of next) I'll be working with the TheaterMakers at the O'Neill Theater Center. We'll be workshopping a play or two of mine with the college-age group that is in-house during the National Playwrights Conference. It's in the throes of radical transformation after a lackluster innagural summer a year ago.

The two guys who are running it this year were participants last year and decided to restructure the project to make it more interesting and valuable to a recent college grad interested in making theater.

Their focus is quite strong -- to make a introductory experience to real-world theater making that bridges the college experience and the professional world. It is timed to make use of the in-house NPC and its creative staff.

Students shadow writer/director meetings, rehearsals, and help with the readings being presented throughout the month-long conference in Waterford, CT.

I'm excited to be working with the group and looking forward to hearing my plays.

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