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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Community Players

This past Saturday I attended a party at the home of Carol Pratt. She hosts an annual gathering of participants of the Groton Regionl Theatre at her home. I have wated to go to this party for years, and this year I asked a friend of mine if it would be okay if I could go.

"Of course!" -- was the answer.

When I arrived the host was in the pool, but she did hesitate to embrace me and welcome me to the party.

All day long I cozied-up to many of the movers and shakers of the local community theater scene. Some had been in the game for several or more decades. It was fun reconnecting with the local theater makers, hearing the old stories, and saying hello to many people who I have no seen in many years.

It made me rremember how much this community had meant to me as a young theater maker. I had learned a lot from people just like this, people who make theater happen becasue they love doing it.

Much of the foundation of my work as a theater artist was laid by my early work with the groups in my community. Not every experience was golden, but it all held value.

Great thanks to talented, giving, caring people like Carol Pratt and the folks who gathered around her pool last Saturday. They keep theater alive in a personal way that is not possible attain in other theater forums.

Theater belongs in a community.

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