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Saturday, May 22, 2010

All out blitz

I am beginning the planning stages for an all-out submission blitz for Ariadne on the Island. After the wonderful week in Portland, and the strong rewrites - I am optimistic about this play's potential. I've been hunkering down with the Dramatists Guild Directory, highlighter and pencil in hand, and making my plan.

I am primarily targeting theaters that want to see samples. I don't like throwing whole scripts at theaters on blind submissions, unless the theater is one of my top 15 targets. Otherwise it costs about $7 to copy and bind a script - plus anywhere from $4 to $6.50 to mail a whole script. I'd rather spend the $1 or so to send 10 pages and a resume. Most theaters are only reading 10 pages of text anyway - regardless of the number you send. I've had much greater success sending inquiries to theaters than whole scripts. If they're interested, they'll ask for the whole thing - and it will be a priority to read. Sending a script blind just puts it in a pile to nowhere more often than not.

I'm up the "F's" in the Directory - guess I'll crack open a Saturday afternoon beer and continue to peruse.

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