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Friday, July 29, 2011

In 3-D

I just read a blog that quotes film director Ridley Scott, who is now filming an ALIEN prequel in 3-D, as stating that he will never direct in any other format from now on.

As a person who loves film, but does not want to see many films in 3-D I hope he changes his mind.

I can see the appeal of directing in 3-D, of solving the 3-dimensional space issues, of the exciting mental challenge that this format presents.  I direct in 3-D all of the time.  Know why?  Because, Sir Ridley, I direct for theater.

The spacial relationships of the actor, the sets, and the audience are the stuff that plays are made on.

My advice to Sir Ridley and the other Hollywood martinets who have gone ga-ga for 3-D-- I say start slumming in the theater world from time to time and see if you can hack it.

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