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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Go back, I said, he needs you--
Go back--
To who?
What did you say?
Go back--
What are you talking about?
His eyes--
Oh.  Why?
They turned into birds--
He needs them--
And what did you do?
Go back, I said, he needs you...

Then I smiled.  She got to someplace new with the line - at last.

"What did I do wrong?" She asked.

"Wrong?  Not 'wrong' - incomplete."

The lines were being spoken because they were the instructions on the page.  The emotions being referenced and reinforcing the lines was the same as at the first read-thru.  This is a high school production of Sara Ruhl's EURYDICE, and it's a tough play for anybody to get their head around and their heart into. My student was stuck in the obvious choices, the choices laying on the surface of the words.  This barrage of questioning was employed to get a little deeper, or form a heightened perspective.

This was just one moment - but all will need to be questioned, cracked open, revealed, understood, explored, and then from those many options a choice will be made.  We seek what is hidden.  The gift we will deliver in performance will be the culmination of the understanding rehearsal brings.

this post originally appeared in Das Drama Coach 

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