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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Window is now OPEN

Not every playwright is in the New York, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, or any of the major theater-hubs connecting artists, work and ideas.  Hell, no one is in all of these places at the same time either. What we need is a magic window to connect us to the worlds outside of our local spheres. And happy for us there is one.

Localized theater-makers – meet  HowlRound.

From the HowlRound website:
The condition, resulting in a howling noise, when sound from a loudspeader is fed back into the microphone:

Feedback and noise, voices and discourse on the state of new work. Making new plays is a noisy business. HowlRound encourages theater makers to get loud and share the shouting with the field. We invite you to join the conversation as we bring together interviews, opinions, ideas, and innovations.

HowlRound welcomes feedback at any volume.
That window is open NOW. And not only through the online journal and tweets at #newplay – but access to conference talks around the USA via NewPlayTV. Yeah, that’s right, an actual moving-picture window streaming to you from New York, DC, LA and beyond.

What are you waiting for? Open the window.

PS: to hear more about the notion of a theater of the commons, check out this radio interview with HowlRound founder and editor Polly Carl. (The interview starts past the half-way point on the soundbar, after the story about the Wooly Mammoth)

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