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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Push

There's all kinds of pushing going on. Push matched with shove is one; pushed to the brink, or pushed to  the limit; and there's the gentle push. Pushing entails that the push-ee is forward of the push-er, that the one being pushed is being thrust into the face of the oncoming obstacle, while the pusher is protected from immediate contact with whatever is being pushed toward. 
It's different than being pulled.  Being pulled means that you are caught up in some outside momentum that is always ahead of you, and always includes the danger that you might be pitched to the side or flung away from the pulling force, or that you stumble and get dragged behind.
 The Push to make something happen, to move forward, to be thrust ahead, implies that there is another hand involved, a force outside of ones self. You can also push yourself. This usually means that you summon up that thing inside you that goes beyond your limits. It is a refusal to stop now, to remain comfortable, or to remain still. 
Whatever the source of The Push is, it always provides movement, a momentum, and at least a little discomfort. The Push is not comfortable, at least not at first. The Push may never be comfortable, but that's not the point. You choose whether to welcome The Push or whether to allow it to piss you off. You can resist it. You can undo it. But know that The Push is essential to making change happen, to initiating a new movement, to getting it all rolling.

How are you seeking things that push? How are you pushing others? What's the last thing you really pushed? Could you push harder? And what's the last thing that really pushed you? Let that push get you going, and keep it going. Then be ready to push back.

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