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I dig jazz and single-malt scotch.  I write plays; I direct them too. I love STAR WARS more than is healthy. I walk my dogs every day, unless it's raining or terribly cold.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Crash and Burn

Everybody complains when they're on a plane on the tarmac, and then 45 minutes later the plane wheels back to the terminal and everybody has to deplane, grab their stuff, wait in a long slow line, book a different flight, argue with the desk clerks, and on and on and on. But what really sucks is being on a burning aircraft 10,000 feet up, when it splits in half and the air pressure rips the smoldering flesh from your bones.  But while you're yelling at the clerk that can't rebook you fast enough to meet your connection in Dallas, it's hard to measure the disaster diverted.

So it is in this Season of Rejections. Because a bad first production of your new play will probably kill it forever. Or having a director work on it that hates it and changes it without telling you, or miscasts it, or can't really pull it off, or doesn't understand it - SUCKS.

Be glad you didn't have to cling to your seat as it crashed and burned.  Find the right place for your play. While you're doing that, write the next one.